The Ramadan fast kicked off April 23 and will end on May 23 making it span across a full month which is labelled the Islamic holy month. For Muslims, this requires strict fasting until late evening when they can have their first meal, the Iftar meal.

Thus the rule that food shouldn't be advertised or promoted during this time on Saudi Arabia where a great fraction of the population are Muslims. However, the McDonald's chain in the country found a unique way to cater to the population's needs and still promote the company.

Termed the Ramadan campaign, McDonald's is paying special attention to their customers by creating a live Ramadan hourglass that counts down to the time when people can break their fast.

The initiative is the brainchild of Leo Burnett and is widely displayed at every McDonald's restaurant in Saudi Arabia alerting customers that sales have resumed for the day.

Trust McDonald's always to merge creativity with mouthwatering visuals!

They have created the virtual hourglass in different food shapes, thus paying homage to some of the company's most symbolic food items. This includes a Big Mac, a McFlurry, and a portion of fries.

You can find the unique hourglass on McDonald's social media platforms and outdoor screens at their drive-thrus. The initiative is expected to last throughout the Ramadan period, which means it will be on until late May.