In 2014, MealConnect™ was developed by Feeding America, one of the United States’ largest hunger-relief organizations. The idea was to create a network of food banks, enabling them to sign-up for donations from local businesses. The organization has received many investments (from big names like General Mills and Google), which has enabled them to create more features and make connections between donors and food banks more efficient. By 2018, they developed another useful feature – food manufacturers were able to donate rejected goods to nearby food banks with the click of a button.

Unfortunately, the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted many supply chains and food businesses (since many restrictions are still in place). MealConnect™ has made sure that all 200 food banks are connected to the app, and made it possible for any business (restaurant, grocery store, hotels, and more) to easily donate food to the food banking system. As more businesses take part in the network, so too does more food become available. Thus, more donors mean more food can be put on the table of those who need it most.

Since the start of MealConnect™, the organization has saved more than 2 billion pounds of food from going to waste, with this food being redistributed to those in need. Also, the revised app is now much easier to use. If you have a food business (big or small) and have surplus food, you can post it on the app (for free). You choose the availability, and a local Feeding America food bank will coordinate and redirect the donations to those in need. It’s never been easier to help!

There are organizations the world over that ‘rescue’ surplus food and provide in to communities in need.  No matter where you live, there will surely be a similar organization near you. If you are in the food business and regularly have leftover or surplus food, just do a quick Google search to see where you can donate food in your local area.

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Donations made through MealConnect are tax-deductible. If you have surplus food and would like to help, visit You can also download the app (for free) in the iOS App and Google Play stores.