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This App Helps Users Know What’s In Stock At Local Groceries Around Them

The What'sInStock app is new, but it is slowly gaining attention for its helpfulness amidst the coronavirus pandemic. It is crowd-sourced and helps people of various communities know what is available for purchase in grocery stores that are near them. With this, you can say farewell to meaningless trips outside your home and thus, avoid contracting COVID-19.

By Cookist

The coronavirus is still ravaging many countries and on a smaller scale, communities. With people advised to stay home for as long as they can, apps like the What's InStock app are becoming very popular as it makes movement more purposeful.

According to the creators, Andrew Dushane and Matt Dupree, the idea to create the app was born out of rising frustration that comes with finding that the items you need to buy are out of stock.

If you have been out to stores during this pandemic when there's a typical case of high demand for particular products, and there are fewer supplies, you'll find that that is most accurate during this period.

Thus, the motive of creating What's InStock app so that people of various communities can help each other reduce the transmission of COVID-19.


Via the website for the app, the developers write:

"It's a tool for neighbors to help each other shop confidently and efficiently anytime. And in this unprecedented pandemic, it can help us limit travel and in-person interaction as much as possible."

The app majorly relies on user-generated data, which means that users of the app must help one another out by reporting the items they find in a store, and what they don't, each time they shop at their local grocery store.

This chain is meant to continue to spread and never broken so that the app achieves the reason it was built. Right now, about 3,000 people are using the app, with the majority being residents of Orlando.

While that is a significant number, the developers express the hope that other communities and states recognize how useful the app can be amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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