Meatloaf Kebabs: the tasty main dish recipe you’ll love

Total time: 65 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 6 people
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If you love meatloaf, kebabs, and meat skewers, you will love this recipe! It combines three types of dishes all into one. Inspired by sheet pan meatloaf, these meatloaf kebabs are three of our favorites rolled into one. It’s moist and tender thanks to the flavorful meat mixture, with a secret surprise inside, inspired by meat skewers.

These little meatloaf kebabs are not only meaty and served on a bed of potatoes, but they also have tomato and cheese tucked inside. There’s no need to go and buy fancy ingredients for this dish. You only need ground beef, breadcrumbs and egg for binding, parmesan and seasoning for flavor, and potatoes. Add cheese and tomato for the filling and you’re ready to make yummy meatloaf kebabs!

Meatloaf Skewer Ingredients

Ground meat – for the perfectly juicy meatloaf, we suggest a 50:50 mixture of ground pork and ground beef.

Binders – eggs and breadcrumbs are used to bind the meatloaf mixture.

Seasoning – use a combination of salt, pepper, parsley, and dried oregano (use your favorite seasoning).

Potatoes – the cubed potatoes will cook at the same time as the meatloaf kebabs.

Filling – cherry tomatoes and cheese cubes are skewered onto sticks and used as a filling.

How To Make Meatloaf Kebabs

Make the meatloaf mixture by adding the ground meat, breadcrumbs, parmesan, eggs, salt, pepper, and parsley to a large mixing bowl. Don’t omit the breadcrumbs and eggs, these act as binders, making sure that the kebabs don’t fall apart. Use your hands to mix the ingredients until just combined. Season the cubed potatoes with pepper, oregano, and olive oil.

Now make the skewers by placing a cube of cheese in between two cherry tomatoes on a wooden skewer. Carefully wrap the skewers with the meat mixture. Spread the seasoned potatoes on a baking tray and arrange the meatloaf skewers on top.

Drizzle with more olive oil and bake until golden and cooked through (the potatoes should be soft). Make sure to cook the meat properly to avoid food poisoning. If the internal temperature reaches 160°F/71°C (or 165°F for chicken), it’s safe to consume.


One of the best ways to ensure a moist loaf is to use meats with a decent fat content (which is why a 50:50 ratio of pork and beef is perfect). If you want, you can also use ground lamb, ground turkey, or ground chicken meat, but note that lean meats might make a drier meatloaf.

For added juiciness, you can brush the meatloaf kebabs with ketchup glaze or BBQ sauce.

Take the meatloaf skewers up a level by wrapping them with streaky bacon before baking.

What To Serve With Meatloaf Skewer

Serve the meatloaf skewers with the potatoes, and add a fresh salad and roast green beans.

How To Store Meatloaf Kebabs

The meatloaf skewers can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

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Ground meat
400 g
30 g (3 tbsp)
Parmesan cheese
40 g (4 tbsp)
900 g (2 lb)
Olive oil
Cherry tomatoes
cheese, cubed


Add the ground meat, breadcrumbs, parmesan, eggs, salt, pepper, and parsley to a large mixing bowl.

Use your hands to mix all the ingredients. It’s important not to overmix the ingredients, as this will make the meatloaf tough and dry.

Season the potatoes with pepper, oregano, and olive oil.

Make skewers of cherry tomatoes and cheese cubes.

Wrap the skewers in the meat mixture.

Spread the seasoned potatoes on a baking tray.

Arrange the meatloaf kebabs on top. Drizzle with more olive oil and bake at 360°F/180°C for 45 minutes.

Once done, take the baking sheet from the oven, the serve.

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