Mini churros with a creamy surprise: you won’t be able to stop eating it

Prepare easy, tasty and mini stuffed churros.

By Cookist

If you love churros you must necessarily try these. The churros are (maybe) the most famous Spanish dessert and you can find them in many parts of the world. This version is very special because there is a creamy and tasty surprise inside. To enjoy a lunch or dinner with friends, this dessert will be perfect.

Ingredients: Hazelnut cream, strawberry jam, caramel, 160 gr butter, 50 cl water, 500 gr flour, 3 eggs, oil to fry, sugar.



1) Fill an ice container with hazelnut cream, strawberry jam and caramel. Freeze for about 1 hour;

2) In a pot pour water and melt the butter;

3) Add flour and mix well until the batter becomes creamy;

4) Add the three eggs gradually and combine in the batter;

5) Put the batter into a pastry bag and make little circle on a baking sheet;

6) Add the tasty ice cubes and cover with other butter;

7) Fry the churros in hot oil and put them into the sugar.

8) Enjoy with whipped cream.

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