Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches: the Recipe for Ice Cream Sandwiches Perfect for Home Parties!

Total time: 10 min prep/ 1 hr 30 min cool
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 9 sandwiches
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Calling all ice cream lovers!  We all know the classic joy of a giant, melty ice cream on a hot summer day. But what if there was a way to indulge that craving without the mess? Enter the world of the Mini Ice Cream Sandwich. These treats are the perfect summertime dessert (or afternoon snack, we won't judge!).  They're incredibly easy to make at home, requiring no fancy equipment or baking skills.  The basic concept is simple: a creamy, frozen center sandwiched between two thin cookies. To make it is super easy. Make an ice cream filling from condensed milk and mascarpone cheese, and freeze. Place the ice cream squares between two cookies, dip them into chocolate, and serve! They're ideal for backyard barbecues, pool parties, or simply a fun activity to do with the kids.

What are Ice Cream Sandwiches?

The concept of combining ice cream with some form of bread or cake can be traced back further than you might think. Roman accounts mention enjoying snow or ice flavored with honey, sometimes served nestled between slices of fruit bread.

Fast forward to the late 19th century in the United States. Street vendors in New York City are credited with some of the earliest versions of the ice cream sandwich.  These early iterations were called "hokey pokeys" and featured slabs of ice cream nestled between cheap paper sheets.

Thankfully, the introduction of affordable cookies in the early 20th century revolutionized the ice cream sandwich.  The classic pairing of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafer cookies is believed to have emerged around this time.  A patent for an "Ice Cream Sandwich Machine" using chocolate cookies even surfaced in the 1920s! These days ice cream sandwiches come in a dizzying array of flavors, from classic vanilla bean to adventurous options like mint chocolate chip or birthday cake. Another fun fact? National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is celebrated on August 2nd in the US!


  • Choose cookies that are thin and firm enough to hold the ice cream filling without crumbling. Mini chocolate chip cookies are a classic choice, but you can also explore options like gingersnaps, shortbread, or even brownie bites. If you're baking your own cookies, make sure they cool completely before assembling the sandwiches.
  • Chocolate coating is the crowning touch on your mini ice cream sandwiches. Dip each assembled sandwich halfway into the melted. Tap off any excess chocolate and allow them to set on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Place the baking sheet in the refrigerator for a few minutes to speed up chocolate hardening.

Can I Use Different Flavors Of Ice Cream For The Filling?

Absolutely! While vanilla is a classic, feel free to experiment with flavors like chocolate, strawberry, mint chip, or even cookies and cream.

Do I Need An Ice Cream Maker To Make The Filling?

No! This recipe relies on a base of whipped condensed milk and mascarpone cheese for a creamy, scoopable center.

What Kind Of Cookies Are Best For Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches?

Thin and firm cookies are ideal. Mini chocolate chip cookies are popular, but you can also explore options like gingersnaps, shortbread, or even brownie bites.

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How to Store Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

Store the ice cream sandwiches in an airtight container in the freezer for up to a month.


mascarpone, room temperature
500 g (2 cups)
Condensed milk
45 ml (3 tbsp)
Chocolate chips
160 g (1 cup)
Milk chocolate
160 g (1 cup)
18 cookies

How To Make Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

In a large bowl, whisk the mascarpone with condensed milk until smooth and creamy.

Fold in the chocolate chips.

Spread the creamy mixture in a square 20x20cm (8×8 inch) pan, and smooth out. Let sit in the fridge until fully set (for around an hour).

Flip the ice cream block onto the cutting board lined with parchment paper.

Place 9 cookies on top.

Cut out a square around each cookie.

Flip it onto the other side. Cover with another cookie to make a sandwich.

Insert a wooden stick into each sandwich (optional), then place in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Dip the sandwiches in melted chocolate, then serve.

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