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Miniature Pancakes – The Delicious Breakfast You Never Knew You Needed!

These days, a good use for social media is knowing the food trends. Social platforms have birthed the creation of creative recipes like whipped coffee, and most recently, the pancakes cereals. This is no packaged product but it is just as easy to make like regular pancakes. The only difference is that they are so tiny that they could easily pass for cereal!

By Cookist

There is a lot of creative good that's coming out of people having to stay at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. The pancakes cereal is one that many people are especially grateful for.

The unique creation was first seen on Tiktok, and unlike its term (pancake cereals) may hint at, it is not packaged cereals made to look like pancakes – well, at least for now!

It is homemade and requires the standard pancake recipe, which you may modify based on your preferences. The most important thing is to get the dough into teeny weeny sizes so that it is almost like cereal.

This is done by pouring your pancake mix, whether pre-packaged or from scratch, into a squeeze bottle, syringe, or plastic bag with the corner cut off.

This way, you can easily squeeze the pancake into the skillet in about a hundred mini sizes. These cook very quickly, so you have to pay attention so that it doesn't burn.

The result is a rather inviting bowl of mini pancakes, which you can top with fruits, syrup, or butter if you like!

With the trend going viral, people are starting to post many versions overall, encouraging others to follow suit.

However, while the pancake seems very new to many people, Sam Schnur of The Naughty Fork shares that its concept isn't.

In an interview with TODAY, Schnur said that a Netherlands dish called "poffertjes" is very similar. However, since the pancake mix is used for this new recipe, the product can be termed mini-pancakes.

If you haven't tried to prepare these mini-pancakes, what are you waiting for!

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