All of us are aware of the multiple benefits of eating healthy and try our best to prepare the home cooked meals in the healthiest way possible. Right from picking the choicest supplies and preservative free ingredients to limiting the use of oil, we cautiously cook a healthy spread for our self and the loved ones. However, not everything that we cook be called healthy as there are many small mistakes that we might not be aware of. Read on to know more about these cooking mistakes and how to avoid them.

Now that many of us are intentionally taking pains to cook a healthy meal and not conveniently just call up and order food, it is important for us to be also aware of the cooking mistakes that may jeopardize the nutritional significance of that meal. Below are some of the most common cooking mistakes that must be avoided to enjoy the nutritional benefits of a healthy meal.

  • Adding excess salt to your meal is the most common mistake that even the seasoned cooks or chefs are cautious about. Try to put salt in a bowl or a dish rather than use a salt shaker to physically feel and correctly measure the quantity of salt added to the dish.
  • Use fresh herbs and spices to balance the saltiness of your dish rather than just add more and more salt to make it taste appealing.
  • Picking the low fat food options is not always a very smart thing to do. Instead, you must opt for products that contain healthy fats, which helps to absorb vitamin A, D, E, and K.
  • Overcooking the food, particularly vegetables actually reduces the nutritional content of the dish by as much as 55%. So, be extra cautious about when to turn the heat off while cooking food.
  • Cooking food in the wrong type of oils, such as using coconut oil and olive oil for frying can destroy the nutrients present in these oils and loses the nutritional content of the preparation. So, use these and other oils with low smoking point cautiously.
  • Not all vegetables and fruits need to be peeled before eating or cooking. In fact, many of these nutritional powerhouse stores the vital vitamins and minerals under their peel and skin. So, the next time you chose to eat potatoes, carrots, zucchini, French beans, apples, pear, guava, etc. consider to use them as such in the cooking preparations. However, do not forget to wash these well before for proceed to cook with them.