Are you stuck up on the same figure on weighing scale instead of eating incredibly healthy meals? With no junk around and only low calorie food derivatives ruling your pantry, you still cannot reach the desired number on the weighing scale? Here is a list of actions that you may be unknowingly doing to bar your weight loss.

It has been observed that most of the people eating healthy may end up unknowingly making some small casual mistakes that may wreak an otherwise healthy platter.

To start off, like taking even a slightly larger helping than usual or adding a few very healthy ingredients to your regular platter may raise the calorie count of the meal by even double the original caloric value.

So, even an extra teaspoon of the healthiest of the oils, or adding a couple more eggs, doubling up the quantity of even the healthiest fruit, topping your platter with a generous serving of even a tablespoon of peanut butter, or half an extra serving of rice can raise the caloric parameters of the meal from wow to wooooohhhooooo!!!

Even if you replace two healthy food groups in your meal, such as replacing vegetable serving with fruits may raise up the calories of a seemingly healthy platter to much more than the desired numbers.

National statistics office released figures supporting the fact that Britishers are under estimating the calorie intake of their diet by 50% that could be fuelling the obesity levels of the population. However minuscule the quantity be, you will never know how you may unknowingly wreak your healthy platter by adding or even replacing tiny quantities of otherwise considered health promoting dark chocolates, peanut butter, nuts or even fresh fleshy fruits.

Not only English, data released from the Food and Agriculture Organization wing of United Nations revealed that even an average American person consumes about 3600 calories or more on a daily basis.

A smarter move to avoid piling up these extra calories would be to replace the regular food groups or preparations with the healthy counterparts. Such as noodles prepared from vegetables to be consumed instead of the regular pasta variations. Try to use minimal quantities of oils or olives even if you are adding more vegetables to the platter. Another, way to reduce adding of extra calories would be to replace the eggs with egg whites that provide merely 17 kilocalories each.

That’s not all, even limiting the quantities of salad dressings, or for that matter choosing a low calorie version of dressing, which you add to a bowl of fresh vegetables and fruits can stop you from attaining obesity on an otherwise seemingly healthy diet!!