New Food Trend From TikTok Makes People Eat Frozen Honey!

TikTok is the home of many food hacks and unusual — but typically, delicious — recipes. One of the most intriguing food trends is this new recipe that has people chewing on frozen honey! Although it is relatively quick and easy to do, the recipe has many people — and us — astounded at the mere possibility. Why didn't we think of this sooner?!

By Cookist

TikTok isn't only famous for trendy dance steps, it is known as the home of various genius recipes. The mini-cereals, which are typically miniature pastries doused with milk or syrup, remain a worldwide favorite amongst many others from the video platform.

Considering the success of these recipes in the past, you have to try out this new recipe. It may sound bizarre but it just might become your go-to snack this summer!

All you need is honey, a freezer and patience!

To prepare this sweet treat, simply squeeze some honey into an empty plastic water bottle and place it in the freezer. If you have enough to spare for the recipe or need it in a larger quantity, just place a full container of the honey in your freezer.

The common result is a delicious jelly that will give syrup companies a run for their money! The honey doesn't fully solidify into a popsicle as you may have predicted, instead it is molded into a jelly that you can chew on to cool off during hot days.

However, this result changes depending on how long you let them freeze for. You'll obtain the gelatinous consistency after about two hours of freezing while freezing for as long as a full day will produce a more solid consistency.


The trend has been widely welcomed by TikTok users with many even going a step further to incorporate their personal twists into the recipe. Eloise Fouladgar tested out the original hack before putting a bubble tea spin on it. Her unique combination of tea, cornstarch and boba turned out to be a genius creation after it was frozen into a jelly consistency.

Dawn Farmer also tested out the frozen honey hack for her followers and it quickly amassed over 7 million views. In her video, she squeezes honey from a container and adds it to a water bottle before placing it in the freezer overnight. In part two of her video, she takes a bite and gives a positive review of the recipe, describing it's taste like that of candy honey. She said:

"I can see the hype. It's so sweet so if you don't like sweet things you probably wouldn't like it but it's rock solid and really good. It's stunning."

We agree! This recipe is fit for all ages and can even be a fun activity to keep kids busy — think pouring the honey into cute shapes and sizes. Whichever way you choose to prepare yours, you can never go wrong!

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