Cloud Bread Is The Newest Food Trend Thanks To TikTok — Yet Again!

You have to love the food craze that is every going about Tiktok. The newest is about cloud bread, and like most other TikTok food trends, it is super easy to make — it requires just three ingredients! Even better, the recipe gives room for creativity, and we remain in awe of the numerous creations that have come forth.

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The cloud bread rose to fame late July when a TikTok user, @linqanaaa, shared a video of its recipe while gently telling viewers about the common dilemmas cooks or recipe creators face.

While her words seemed to resonate with many, it was the fantastic recipe she demonstrated that took many people by surprise. It was shockingly so easy, but the result was also excellent and indeed befitting of its name — cloud bread!

The ingredients required include:

  • Egg whites
  • Sugar
  • Cornstarch

To prepare:

  1. Mix the egg whites, sugar, and cornstarch into a meringue-like consistency.
  2. Pour the fluffy mixture onto a baking pan and garnish with nuts or fruits (@linqanaaa used almond slices).
  3. Place the pan in an oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Bake for 25 minutes.

This simple recipe is a baked treat that is fluffy, just like its name implies! Is it any wonder that the video has already garnered 4.6 million views?

The recipe is more than deserving considering that it only requires three everyday pantry items, takes little time to prepare, and still looks like the stuff of fairytales.

Now, there are many more modifications to the recipe as fans of the recipe take things a notch higher by adding colors, sweet treats inside the dough, or even making a cotton candy version!

If you are planning to try it out too, keep these tips in mind for the perfect results:

  1. Whip the mixture for just enough time; when you lift the whisk out of the mixture, it should form a stiff peak
  2. Make sure to properly separate the egg yolk from the whites for that airy texture of the cloud bread.

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