Delicious Slushies Based On White Claw Become A Hot Trend Thanks To TikTok

TikTok has been a great source of entertainment as people stay self-quarantined during the pandemic. The popular social platform has given rise to a lot of, believe it or not, food trends! The most recent is preparing slushies with a White Claw base and any fruit of your choice. Admittedly, the recipe produces a delicious and refreshing drink!

By Cookist

Tiktok is the home of many dance moves, but who could have expected that it will become a source of new food trends too!?

Like it brought attention to the Dalgona coffee, it has made White Claws slushie a new favorite. This unique recipe is based around the alcoholic seltzer and so basically caters to a mature audience.

To prepare, you blend frozen fruits of any kind with ice cubes. Then pour in the White Claws beverage poured in with the quantity solely depending on individual preference.

The drink is served in a glass and topped with complimentary fruit and an additional drizzle of yogurt, which is optional.

From common observation, berries are highly recommended for use when preparing the slushie, and they are best used frozen.


However, the recipe leaves room for creativity and modification of any kind, with the White Claw beverage being the key ingredient for the drink.

If you don't have any, then you can just use any alcoholic beverage you have or most prefer. Admittedly, it is this versatility that perhaps makes the recipe a famous one.

TikTok users definitely love the idea as many videos of individuals creations fill the platform serving as a sort of encouragement for others.

Even better, the video recipes are accompanied by cool music, much like the app is known for with nostalgic hits like Taylor Swift's and 50 Cent's being some of the most popular.

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