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Making Edible Sand By Grinding Cheerios Is The Newest Internet Trend, And We Love It!

We have seen trends about making fun cocktails and other adult themes, but we are yet to see one that mainly centers around the kids. So, we can't help but be overjoyed by parents' ongoing trend of blending cheerios and other such cereals to make edible sand to entertain their children! This is thanks to Tiktok – yet again!

By Cookist

Locked down in homes with little children can become very frustrating because they need your attention and special care. There is even no use of trying to explain to them that your staying home doesn't mean you don't have to work!

It might be frustrating, but that is just why they are kids!

Many parents know this, and they are taking on the trend of finding exciting ways to keep their kids safe and entertained. This new trend, which was made famous by TikTok, involves creatively blending and combining different cereals to make sand which children can play with.


To make the now-viral edible sand, blend cheerios in a blender until it has a consistency like sand and voila, you have a new activity to keep your children engaged.

Now they can play with sand all they want, and you won't have to worry one bit about their health safety. You can encourage them to make meaningful structures out of the sand, or just let them enjoy the moment.

After the play, make sure that the sand is discarded, and their toys cleaned so that it doesn't attract ants. You can limit the amount of mess that they may leave behind, get them to play within an area that is cordoned off.

If this is not a life hack, then we don't know what is! You should hop on this trend!

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