Nine Of Our Favorite Food Scenes From Iconic Walt Disney Films

When Disney gives a nod to food in their films, they do it properly – with a slight touch of humour and amazing aesthetics. They manage to make food extremely attractive even though it's in cartoon form, so it is not surprising that we want to compile some of the best food scenes from some of their most famous films. From an iconic meal preparation by Snow White to Lady and Tramp enjoying a strand of spaghetti in “Lady and the Tramp,” this list is an exciting read.

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1. The Lady and the Tramp: The Lovebirds Enjoy a Meal of Spaghetti and Meatballs


This is one of Disney's most romantic scenes in movie history, and it's centred around food.
Lady and Tramp sit at an outdoor table that is pristinely illuminated by candlelight.

Then comes a large bowl of pasta coated in red sauce, and many meatballs. The adorable pair enjoy the meal and unknowingly kiss when they chew on a noodle strand.

2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White Bakes A Pie For Grumpy


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of Disney's most iconic films to date. My, my, this movie was first released in 1937 and still warms hearts every time!

One of the best characteristics of Snow White was her elegance and charming affinity for the animals. The animals were so taken with the princess, and when she decided to bake a gooseberry pie for Grumpy, they watched on with the birds helping however they could.

That went well until the evil witch shows up and convinces Snow White to bake an apple pie instead.

3. Aladdin: Aladdin Tries to Get Away with Stealing a Loaf Of Bread at the Market


The titular character displays his smarts and skilful escape techniques while trying to escape from a group of soldiers looking to arrest him for stealing bread from the market.

This succession of scenes has Aladdin overthrowing several foods at the market, and he finally escapes with his monkey held close to him. His escape was made heroic when he smilingly gives the bread to two hungry children by the roadside.

4. The Princess and the Frog: Tiana Fries Beignets for an Investor


Tiana's magical tale unfolds in New Orleans, where she is working hard to find her footing in the restaurant industry. One of the lost iconic food scenes in the film comes when Tiana, in high spirits, bakes beignets.

She finishes it off with a sprinkle of powdered sugar over the beignets with excitement and hope for the future. Not only do the beignets look mouthwatering, but Tiana's joy is also infectious.

5. The Emperor's New Groove: Kuzco Unwittingly Escapes Capture


On their way back to the palace, Kuzco and Pacha stop by a restaurant for a quick meal. However, Kuzco, who retained his spoilt attitude despite being a llama, couldn't bear the sight of Pacha's meal choice for them – bugs!

Not the best of food scenes but the added thrill of the pair managing to escape Yzma and her henchman, Kronk, is hilarious and sure suffices.

6. Sleeping Beauty: One of the Fairy Godmothers Battle Layer Cake

The fairies are preparing for Princess Aurora's birthday, but their clumsiness gets in the way. Fauna uses three different sized cups for the "cups" of flour, doesn't know what "tsp." stands for, and puts whole eggs with their shells in the batter.

Unbelievably, she wants the cake to have 15 layers! That didn't go too well with the cake giving in to gravity on one side and the blue frosting and pink candles slipping down the sides.

Although it didn't turn out as she expected, there is no mistaking that she made it with love.

7. The Little Mermaid: Sebastian Escapes Boiling Death in the Kitchen


Chef Louis prepares a luxurious meal to celebrate the Prince's return. A frightened Sebastian, the crab, witnesses him pulling fish off bones and cooking them, so he hides.

The chef, however, sees him and grabs him. A few minutes of chasing and Sebastian manages to escape from the kitchen and off to meet Alice.

8. Beauty and the Beast: Belle is Welcomed with a Large Feast


Belle is a distinguished guest for the house workers, and they treat her as such by presenting all kinds of food. They song aloud and dance as Belle tastes nearly everything on the menu.

9. Mulan: Mushu Makes Fried Eggs and Bacon for Mulan


Mulan is charged with training for battle while keeping her sex secret from the other men. That was not going to be an easy task, but she had her handy helper, Mushu ever ready to support her.

On her first day of training, Mushu prepares and feeds her a bowl of porridge with two fried eggs and a piece of bacon all arranged to look like a smiley face. There couldn't be a better way for Mulan to start this phase of her life than a charming breakfast in bed?

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