Here Are Our Top 10 Favorite TikTok Food Hacks (How Did We Not Think Of These Sooner?)

We love TikTok for many reasons and why not! What is not to love when the internet is constantly blessed with amazing cleaning hacks and unique foods and drinks via the platform? Still, however, our most favorite things to discover are the numerous food hacks. Aside from being absolutely mind-blowing, these hacks are very helpful, and have made cooking much easier and enjoyable.

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In this article, we have compiled some of our favorite TikTok food hacks. From discovering that toasters save trays to catch stray crumbs to finding the easiest way to keep bread fresh and long-lasting, there's a lot that'll give you a delicious thrill as you go through the list!

1. The Toaster Hack That Was Actually A Chance Discovery

Thanks to TikTok, we've discovered many unique ways to clean kitchen equipment and the toaster isn't exempted. A TikTok user, @thebigcleancoTip accidentally discovered that toasters come with trays to catch all the crumbs when she tipped one over to show that cleaning a toaster is as easy as doing just that.

The chance discovery left her and other users in awe and quickly went viral, as people accepted that it is indeed a game-changer!

2. The Proper Way To Pour Milk from A Carton!

This hack made many realize that they've been pouring milk from cartons the wrong way all this time. A TikTok user, @goldilocks.bears.x shared a video showing how she always gets a smooth stream while doing that. All she did was reverse the carton so the spout is on the far side of what you’re pouring into instead of the usual pour through the spout side closest to the cup.

Science even backs this hack! Experts say that this method works because reversing the pour, a small hole in the spout lets air flow in and out, so the pressure remains neutral, rewarding you with a beautiful stream.

3. The Most Efficient Way To Cut/Deseed Bell Peppers

This TikTok food hack by @goldilocks.bears.x makes cutting a bell pepper less wasteful. And it's very easy to do too! First, you slice off the stem and place the pepper face-down on a cutting board. The bottom of the bell pepper should be facing up.

Then, simply use a sharp knife to make four slices where the natural indentations occur. Use your hands to open up the pepper, almost like a flower. After separating the four wedges, you’ll be left with the stem with all of the seeds attached for easy removal.

4. How To Remove All The White Bits From Chicken Breasts In One Move

In 2020, another creative user, @raising_krazies shocked even the professional chefs with her hack which removes all the white stringy bits, which are actually tendons, on chicken breasts in one fell swoop. All you need are a fork and a paper towel; simply place the prongs of a fork on either side of the end of the tendon, then use the paper towel to grip it in your other hand, push down with the fork, and slide the tendon right out of the breast.

Absolutely genius!

5.  This Trick Is The Best Way To Separate Egg Yolk From Whites

This viral hack is odd, requiring a garlic clove to work, so it left many people shook. Still, there is no denying that it works. A user, @callumgray0 took to the platform to demonstrate the trick, explaining that he randomly discovered the trick and that it has now become "an unconscious standard practice" for him.

In the clip, Callum demonstrates how he separates the yolk from the white using a piece of garlic. He begins by rubbing his finger on the garlic and then gently pinching the top of the yolk and transferring it to the cup.

6. How To Peel A Hard-boiled Egg Using A Coffee Mug

A common pet peeve associated with hard boiled eggs is peeling them perfectly and this viral TikTok hack helps you overcome that dreaded hurdle! To do, place the boiled eggs in cool water, then grab an egg and shake it inside of a coffee mug. The mug will knock off pares of the shell, making the remaining peeling very easy to do.

7. This Hack Helps You Soften Butter Without A Microwave!

Before adding chunks of butter into a batter, you must make sure that it has defrosted to room temperature. This can take very long depending on how frozen the butter is but this hack, shared by @Margaritav24 and @RachellFish, melts the butter in just a few minutes!

All you have to do is fill a glass with very hot water then discard it. Next, stand your butter vertically and then place the glass over the stick of butter. Leave the butter covered for five minutes and voila, you have softened butter, just ready for use!

Tip: repeat the steps if the butter hasn't softened enough.

8. This Is The Only Proper Way To Make Toaster Grilled Cheese

This hack, shared by Tiktok user, @lindsayroggenbuck, brought a novel way to enjoy grilled cheese during the cold days and it only requires a few steps similar to making toast. First, place the cheese on the top of the bread. Then, turn the toaster on its side and just toast the bread as usual, with the side with the cheese slice facing up. Once it's done, press the two slices together.

9. Another Tiktok Hack To Peel Boiled Eggs

This is another viral egg hack that checks all the boxes — it is straightforward and actually works! First, let the eggs cool down. Then, crack a small hole in one end of the egg and a slightly larger one on the other end. Now, while holding the egg over a bowl, blow into the smaller hole on the top, forcing the egg out through the larger hole on the bottom.

The force of your breath, concentrated by the egg shell, pushes the egg out of its shell, leaving the shell in one large piece.

WHO would have thought!?

10. How To Keep Bread Sealed And Fresh

There is nothing more frustrating than opening a bag of bread only to realize that it has gone dry from your inappropriate sealing technique. If that has ever happened to you then you'll love this now-viral trick shared by TikTok user, @emilyyyarn.

In a demonstration clip, Emily started by twisting the top of a half empty loaf of bread bag tightly, so that no air can get in. Then to keep it tightly sealed, she then folds the open end down over the twist and the loaf.

There you have ten amazing TikTok hacks shmute to change your cooking game! Do you know a life-changing hack?

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