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16 Food Hacks From Restaurant Worker Turned TikTok Star

A TikTok user who has spent a greater fraction of his life working in restaurant kitchens takes to the famous platform to share tips that have greatly helped many viewers. Read on for 16 food hacks that have quickly become viral on TikTok. These will surely change your cooking game for the better!

By Cookist

A man known as "Stove and Garden" on TikTok has gained popularity for numerous food tricks that he has shared via the platform. From genius ways of using kitchenware to preparing meats and veggies, Stove and Garden's hacks touch upon pretty much any topic you can imagine — it's no wonder that they are going viral!

Here are 16 food hacks from Stove and Garden that'll help you cook like a pro!

Stove and Garden

1. This easy trick will help you de-seed bell peppers in a jiffy

The best way to enjoy bell peppers is by removing their seeds before chopping them into bite-size pieces. To do this, start by cutting off the top and the bottom, then cut a little slit into the pepper. Insert your knife and just roll the pepper as you cut. Voila, your peppers are ready to get chopped!

2. Here's the easiest way to steam your shrimps without a steamer


Stove and Garden has shared an easy way to improvise a steamer to cook shrimps. Simply bring a pot of water to boil and then poke a bunch of holes into aluminum foil and put it on top of the pot. Place the shrimps on the foil and cover for them to cook quickly.

3. Here's how to stop honey from sticking onto your measuring spoons

Honey is a very viscous liquid and it is somewhat frustrating that it is hard to get off of measuring utensils during cooking. To avoid this, coat the utensil with a little bit of cooking oil before you start measuring.

4. The fastest way to mince garlic is using a zester or kitchen grater. The minced garlic will come out perfect and is ready in under two minutes too!


5. How to get the best from your broccoli — stop wasting the stalks!

Unlike usual practice, don't discard the stalk of your broccoli. Instead, trim off their edges, cut them into bite-size pieces and cook them in a pan with a little soy sauce and oil. You can pair this with a steaming bowl of rice and chicken for a filling meal.

6. Avoid the stress that accompanies cleaning your pounder everytime you pound meats by placing them in a freezer bag before pounding!

7. Here's the secret to fried chicken with the perfect crunch

When making fried chicken, some people make the mistake of dipping the raw chicken directly into the egg wash. To give the chicken the perfect coating that will come out crunchy and delicious, put it into flour first, and then egg wash. This way, the egg wash holds way better, and then your bread crumbs will hold very well too.


8. How to get the best out of your lemons

You don't need to have a juicer to obtain lemon juice. Simply place them in between tongs and squeeze hard like Stove and Garden.

9. To remove a rogue egg shell in your egg mixture, wet your fingers before taking it out.


10. You don't always have to peel your vegetables

Most vegetables can be consumed with their skins on as they contain numerous nutrients. Stove and Garden says that professional chefs only do that because it's more aesthetically pleasing. Just make sure to clean them thoroughly!

11. If veggies get stuck to your knife, angle your knife and make shorter cuts with just the tip.

12. Don't discard vegetable scraps, pile them in a pot, add your favourite seasonings and bring to a boil to make delicious vegetable stock.


13. The most efficient way to strain pasta is by placing the strainer in the pot and then turning it upside down over a sink to strain.

14. If you notice that your herbs are dry and dying, add them to some melted butter with garlic and a couple of spices. Mix it up and pour into an ice cube tray. Now, you'll have them ready for use at any time.


15. If your plastic cutting board slides too much, take a wet paper towel, put it underneath the board and it won't slide anymore.

16. To keep your half-cut avocado fresh for longer, coat its surface with fresh lemon juice, cover with a saran wrap and press it tightly against the avocado.

These 16 food hacks are absolutely game changers! Do you know any new food hack?

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