TikTok Launching Delivery-Only Restaurants That Serve Viral Dishes From The App

Tiktok is the home of short dance videos — and the most creative recipes ever. From the fancy baked feta to the indulgent creamy ramen and pancakes cereal, we have so many recipes to be thankful for. But, as if that wasn't already enough, the team behind the innovative social media is set to launch "delivery-only" restaurants that will serve such viral recipes across the United States.

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TikTok is only 5 years old but it has been of great influence in the food industry. From creative recipes to kitchen hacks and cooking tips, the video sharing platform has been a significant contributor to food trends all over the world.

It doesn't look like that'll be stopping anytime soon!

According to new reports, TikTok will now start to make the viral recipes available to everyone in real life. The social media platform has joined hands with "Virtual Dining Concepts," to launch 300 delivery-only restaurant kitchens in 2022 across the United States.

It might seem hard to believe but the restaurants' menus will include the same meals you scroll through on your For You Page.


Virtual Dining Concepts has worked with numerous celebrities and is best known for capitalizing off delivery-only kitchens with a viral component.

The TikTok-inspired delivery kitchens will follow a similar model, and feature staple food items as well as a revolving menu that's determined by what's trending on the app.

It already sounds like a dream! Now you can get a taste of your favorite TikTok recipes without going through the hassle of making them yourself. Of nothing, it'll help you decide if it'll become an all-time favourite or just a one-time trial.

By the next year's end, the TikTok restaurants should have about 1,000 locations opened nationwide. Will you be placing an order?

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