Oreo And Ritz Collaboration Delivers The Perfect Snack Combo For Fans

Do you crave to eat snacks but can not decide if you want to go for a sweet snack or a salty snack? Well, worry less! There has been a recent collaboration between Oreo and Ritz that has birthed a super fantastic snack. If you love either or both of these brands then you'll surely love this new product that's a unique cross between their signature products.

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Photo credit: Mondelez

Owned by Mondelez, both companies have come together to make a unique snack that combines their individual signature products. The name of this combo product between Oreo and Ritz is Ritz x Oreo.

How the Oreo and Ritz snack combo looks like

This combo product is made up of Oreo cookies with Oreo cream and Ritz crackers with peanut buttercream.

Sounds almost too good to be true and that might just be so as the product will only be produced for a limited period.


How to get the Oreo and Ritz snack combo

The Oreo and Ritz snack is a limited edition and was only made available at Oreo.com/Ritz from noon ET on Thursday, May 26th. A considerable advantage of this is that customers will get one package for free; they just have to pay shipping costs of $3.95.

Here is a huge tip, the brand produced only  1,000 packs of the Oreo and Ritz snacks combo; therefore, the demand for this limited product is going to be quite high and probably can be higher than the amount made available.

What does the internet / social media have to say about the Oreo and Ritz snack combo?


If the salty and sweet combination of the Oreo and Ritz snacks pleases your taste buds, then you're probably excited to hear of its release. Looking through social media and the internet as a whole, you see that while some may be as excited as you are over this product, some do not like the idea of it or how it might taste. Many have taken their socials, like Instagram, to talk about their views on this newly released Oreo ad Ritz sack combo.

Some see it as a fantastic idea that needs to be all out in stores and markets; some see it as a legendary combo that is here to stay, while others do not like the idea because they think the flavours just might not compliment each other.

So, whether you find it exciting and delicious or find it outrightly unappetising, the Oreo ad Ritz snack combo might be around for quite a while because of its high demand since its release.

What the representatives of the two companies—Oreo and Ritz—have to say since the Ritz x Oreo release

Senior Brand Manager of Ritz, Alexis Yap, in a statement, said that they have been looking for exciting ways of experience and partnership to inspire the legendary butter crackers. So, he could not say no to it when the opportunity to partner with Oreos to produce the salty-crackers-chocolate-chip cookies came by.

While reflecting on Yap's statement, Oreo's Senior Brand Manager, Sydney Kranzman, added that the product development team is excited to add a new twist to the iconic combo of chocolate and peanuts. He also said that Oreo always looks for fun ways to engage and please their customers— from creative limited-edition flavours to amazing collabs.

With how enticing this new combo is, one would love to try it in different ways—either eating it whole or enjoying its separate individual deliciousness.

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