People That Are Working To Feed People During The Pandemic Should Receive Hazard Pay

The coronavirus has brought a lot of businesses and companies to a standstill but not important ones like hospitals, grocery stores, and restaurants that cater to the basic needs of the public. You'd agree that these people deserve a lot more than mere praises; they should be rewarded for braving the risk of contracting COVID-19 every single day!

By Cookist

The coronavirus has brought life to a standstill as people scurry for protection in their homes. There are, however, a notable number of people that can't do this and have to continue working to feed the nation.

These include restaurant workers, of all levels, grocery workers. The roles of these workers should be widely acknowledged more than ever before.

Daily, restaurant workers strive to provide whatever their customers' orders for and also promptly deliver it to locations about the city, risking getting infected!

On the other hand, those that work in grocery stores don't have to leave their workplace but instead come across about a thousand people each day equally risking getting infected with COVID-19.

If there is anyone that should receive hazard pay amid the ongoing pandemic, it is these people. The list further includes health providers that help keep people alive, farmers, food manufacturers, and many others that keep the food chain moving.

Despite the fear of contracting the deadly virus, most of these people cannot stay in their homes even if they wanted. Service jobs like in restaurants and grocery stores don't typically receive high compensation or welfare benefits.
Therefore, they have to make the difficult decision to either stay in their homes and lose their jobs or go to work and risk their lives.


However, if they get hazard pay, "an additional pay for performing a hazardous duty or work involving physical hardship," they might receive an amount just right to compensate them.

This initiative is fast rising to attention on social media thanks to the workers themselves and a few journalists. However, it can only be hoped that it suffices for the risks they take daily amid the pandemic.

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