Pineapple is one of the most delicious and healthy fruits. It has innumerable properties, is rich in antioxidants, slows aging and has a very strong impact on metabolism, since it manages to burn fat and give an immediate sense of satiety. However, few people know the benefits of pineapple water. It is a light drink, with a slightly acid taste, which can refresh, quench thirst and promote metabolism. The only rule to follow is to drink it on an empty stomach, so that the fruit properties are better absorbed.

The benefits of Pineapple Water

Pineaplle water has anti-inflammatory powers – Pineapple water is rich in bromelain, a powerful digestive enzyme with incredible anti-inflammatory properties. It is therefore the ideal natural remedy for those who suffer from chronic disorders, such as osteoarthritis or bone diseases, or for those who want to reduce water retention and intestinal gas presence. Drinking pineapple water daily allows you to have a flat stomach in very short time.

Pineapple water promotes weight loss – Those who want to lose weight quickly can try drinking pineapple water on an empty stomach every day. It is a drink rich in fiber and bromelain, which prevents the accumulation of fat in a healthy way.

Pineapple water reduces appetite – Those who suffer from nervous hunger, and end up taking a very high amount of calories, can try drinking pineapple water on an empty stomach. It is perfect for reducing appetite and for not getting to meals with excessive hunger.

Pineapple water purifies the body – If drunk on an empty stomach, pineapple water is the ideal remedy for those who want to purify the body. In particular, it manages to detoxify liver and colon, favoring the elimination of harmful toxins. It has also a slight laxative effect, capable of stimulating the proper functioning of the intestine.

Pineapple water strengthens the immune system – Pineapple water drink is rich in vitamin C and is perfect for those who want to strengthen their immune system. Drinking it on an empty stomach, it helps to prevent viral and chronic diseases.

Pineapple water fights water retention – Pineapple is rich in water and potassium, and it manages to have an assisted draining effect. Drinking pineapple-based water on an empty stomach eliminates the sense of swelling and fights water retention. It is the ideal natural remedy to fight edema, varicose veins and phlebitis, as it facilitates liquids drainage.

How to Prepare Pineapple Water
To prepare pineapple water, just follow a very simple procedure. All you need is a liter of water and half pineapple peeled and cut into small pieces. The pineapple small pieces must be mixed with water in a jug and left to rest for an entire night. The beverage can be drunk starting from the next day and maybe even divided into various portions, so you can drink it several times during the day. It is important not to sweeten it and drink it on an empty stomach. Only in this way, pineapple water is able to keep its properties unchanged and to give incredible benefits to the body.