Oregano is known above all as an aromatic plant to be used in cooking, but it is a plant that has many beneficial and healing properties.

It is an essential oil known since ancient times and it is characterized by an amber color and a pungent smell. The substance that characterizes it most is carvacrol, a substance that helps fight viruses and bacteria and gives the oil its particular fragrance. But let’s find out more about the properties of this precious natural remedy.

Properties of the essential oil of oregano

As we have already said, the essential oil of oregano is rich in carvacrol, useful for fighting viruses and bacteria, including Candida albicans, but it has also a protective action on the liver, it works as an antioxidant and more. Its anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties make the essential oil of oregano similar to a natural antibiotic. This essential oil is in fact very useful for the treatment of respiratory tract diseases, especially for the treatment of colds, asthma and chronic bronchitis, as it has a fluidifying action, freeing the bronchi from the mucus.


The essential oil of oregano is also effective against rheumatism and viral forms, as well as facilitating digestion: it favors the secretion of gastric juices, for a faster digestion, moreover it carries out a carminative action, contrasting also meteorism and flatulence. The essential oil of oregano also works in case of menstrual pain, thanks to the antispasmodic action.

It is also effective on the skin to fight the imperfections caused by cellulite, and it can be used in case of dermatitis, psoriasis, mycosis, eczema and wounds, as well as alleviating the itching caused by insect bites. Its analgesic properties are instead useful in case of toothache.