Do you love preparing desserts and cheering your friends and relatives with your delicacies? Psychologists all over the world say that this is incredibly beneficial for their mental health. Whether it is a special occasion, a holiday or simply a desire for dessert, it does not matter, when you prepare cookies and create cakes with your own hands, you are creating a productive form of communication and self-expression.


"There are so many publications that talk about the connection between creative expression and general well-being. Whether it is painting, music or desserts, there is a decrease in stress deriving from an ‘unloading’ and a way to express oneself", explained the associate professor in psychology and neuroscience at Boston University. When desserts are cooked for yourself, you can relieve tension by not wasting your time mulling over sad thoughts, while, when you do it for other people, you express your feelings and affection with a very simple gesture that it will be surely appreciated and recognized.

It is as if it were an act of generosity that increases the sense of well-being felt by the other. In short, culinary therapy is therefore a panacea for the fight against stress and for achieving happiness. At this point, you just have to get busy in the kitchen: those who want to show their love to a loved one would do well to prepare cookies, a muffin or a cake with their own hands. That sense of sweetness will pervade them for days.