Puff Pastry Mini Christmas Trees: the super fun appetizer you can’t miss

Total time: 30 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 8 people
By Cookist

These fun Mini Christmas Trees are exactly what you need for your festive table this year! It’s an easy, bite-sized appetizer recipe that is perfect for Christmas. Not only are the pastries made in the shape of a Christmas tree, but they also taste delicious. Each bite is savory and creamy, with a flaky texture.

To make it, you will need a roll of puff pastry, cream cheese, ham, cheese, and olives. Unroll the pastry, cover it with cream cheese and ham, and bake until golden. It’s so easy to make—with a little effort, you can make an impressive appetizer that will wow your guests!

Can You Make Mini Christmas Trees Ahead Of Time?

These pastries are perfect for making ahead of time, so it’s perfect for entertaining. Assemble the pastry and fold it onto the skewers. Place the unbaked puff pastries on a baking sheet and place them in the fridge. Bake just before you’re ready to serve them, adding 5 minutes to the baking time.



For best results puff pastry should be cold. Allow the pastry to thaw in the fridge overnight. Once you assembled the Christmas trees, place them in the fridge before baking while preheating the oven. This allows the butter in the pastry to solidify, resulting in a puffy puff pastry!

You can change the ingredients according to your taste preference. Try any of the following combinations:

  • Goats cheese, sundried tomato, parmesan cheese
  • Basil pesto, mozzarella or feta cheese, and sundried tomato
  • Plain cream cheese and fruit preserves

How To Store Puff Pastry Mini Christmas Trees

Store leftover puff pastries in an airtight container (in the fridge) for up to 4 days. The unbaked puff pastries can be frozen. Shape them onto a skewer, then place them on a baking sheet. Place in the freezer for 2 hours.  Transfer to a Ziploc bag and freeze for up to 3 months. Bake them directly from frozen, adding 10 minutes to the baking time.

Puff pastry
1 roll
Cream Cheese
100 g (1/2 cup)
50 g

How To Make Puff Pastry Mini Christmas Trees

Unroll the puff pastry on a clean cutting board.

Spread the cheese on the top half of the pastry.

Arrange the ham slices on the cream cheese.

Fold the pastry in half.

Slice the pastry vertically into strips.

Fold each pastry strip to form the shape of the tree and place it on a skewer.

Transfer the trees to the baking tray covered with parchment paper and bake at 180°C/360°F for 15 minutes until they are golden brown.

Allow the pastry to cool completely, then place on a skewer between two pieces of cheese and one olive.


You can also create a sweet version of this recipe! Instead of cream cheese and ham, you can spread the puff pastry with Nutella and cinnamon sugar. Use Rolo candies on peanut butter cups as the base of the Christmas tree.

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