Queen Elizabeth Announces Intent To Transform Sandringham Estate’s Defunct Social Club

The year is 2022, and the stoic ruler of the U.K., Queen Elizabeth, is reportedly in the market for someone who will run a pub she plans to erect on one of her royal properties. Read on below for more details about the Monarch's newest and perhaps most exciting venture — for now.

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Sandringham Castle is known as the Queen’s beloved country retreat and has served as a private residence that has served four generations of British monarchs, with the earliest as far back as 1862.

In recent times, Sandringham's rich history and famed beauty have been used to market a few new products. Some projects successfully branded with the Sandringham name include Sandringham Gin, made with botanicals from the estate itself; Sandringham beers that can be purchased in the gift shop; and also Sandringham condiments.

Last week, it was announced that the Queen plans to use Sandringham to market something else – a pub and restaurant. According to a listing from Landles Estate Agents, the role is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the right person to assume control of what used to be a social club established around the turn of the 20th century under the rule of King Edward VII.


The club was shut down because of the pandemic that took the world by storm in 2020, and after it blew over, it was decided it would remain closed due to declining membership. It is expected that the new tenant will invest their resources to transform the old club into a “destination public house with restaurant."

The listing also lays emphasis on the new tenant having "a plan to include engagement with the local community" and readiness to "help sustain these important premises." It remains unclear who the "the local community" will include, but the Queen and some other senior royals will most likely be a part of it.

Whoever assumes the position already has their work cut out for them; The club is not just a simple room decorated with a bar; this one has many rooms beyond the main bar area.

There is a reception area, private function room, garden room, entrance and rear hall, a snooker room, and more outdoor space with the potential to house more beer gardens. The top floor is decked with three bedrooms that double as a residence and inn for visitors.

It’s not shocking that the Queen has made this move. Sandringham Estate in its entirety draws about 500,000 visitors annually, which means there will most definitely be foot traffic.

According to the listing, the club building also features a great panoramic view over the adjacent farmland and the clear blue of North West Norfolk’s skies. There was no mention of the patrons catching a glimpse, but it’s not a bad thing to hope.

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