To always have healthy an shiny hair, using the usual shampoo (perhaps combined with the conditioner) may not be enough. Whatever is  the type of hair, in fact, it is always recommended t prepare a mask or a compress to better nourish the hair and scalp, guaranteeing health and beauty in all seasons.

Whether it is possible to find different ready-made and packaged hair masks, the possibility of being able to make excellent home compresses with natural ingredients should always be taken into consideration. The advantages of do-it-yourself are numerous, such as the absence of chemical agents and the strong reduction in costs, as well as the choice of known and tested components that generally do not expose you to the risk of developing allergic reactions.

Before creating a do-it-yourself mask, however, it is good to know your hair type: not all the ingredients can adapt to the various needs, just to give some examples the olive oil helps the dry and dull hair but it is not indicated for oily scalp. Here are some low-cost and easy-to-make recipes specific to various types of hair.

Egg mask


Egg is a source of natural nourishment for the hair, a key ingredient of a homemade repair mask to be used once a month.

You will need:

one egg (two if you have long hair), using the whole egg for normal hair, but just the egg white for greasy hair or the yolk for  dry hair; a cup of milk; lemon juice; 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Egg, milk and oil must be amalgamated together and then add lemon juice afterwards. The mixture should be massaged from the roots to the tips and left in place for 15 minutes, then take care to rinse abundantly with warm or cold water to avoid literally "cooking" the egg residues. Finally, it is advisable to proceed with a shampoo preferably based on fruit and able to eliminate any unpleasant odor.

Banana-based mask

The best for damaged hair, the banana-based mask is a real panacea thanks to the combined action of the fruit, beer and honey (honey is an excellent natural moisturizer and it helps give brightness to the dull hair).

To prepare the mask you need to get:

a banana; 100 ml of beer; 50 grams of honey; an egg white.

After crushing the banana, add the egg white, beer and honey to obtain a smooth and homogeneous product to wear on damp hair, covering the head with some transparent film for about an hour. Rinsing must be done with warm water.

Yogurt and honey mask


With some yogurt, apple vinegar and honey, you can create a nourishing and shiny hair compress. You will need:

1/2 cup of white and natural yogurt, without flavorings; 1 teaspoon of apple vinegar; 1 teaspoon of honey.

After mixing all the ingredients in a bowl, it is necessary to apply the mixture on the scalp from the roots to the ends of the hair. Let it rest for at least 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water and proceed with the shampoo.

Strawberry mask

Strawberries are excellent natural astringents able to control the excess sebum that often characterizes the scalp in case of oily hair, acting in a gentle way and ensuring a significant intake of vitamin C.

An excellent natural mask is obtained by combining:

1 handful of fresh strawberries (about seven for medium-length hair); 1 tablespoon of coconut oil; 1 tablespoon of honey.

Prepare a fairly smooth puree with all the ingredients, applying the product evenly on damp hair and rinsing well with warm water. To ensure an optimal effect it is recommended to keep this mask in place long enough, also facilitating the action of nutrients in depth.

Almond oil for frizzy hair


For dry and frizzy hair, a good do-it-yourself mask is made with a banana and almond oil: the first helps to maintain the natural moisture of the hair nourishing the hair follicles, the second polishes the hair and penetrates deep into the scalp, reinforcing the roots.

You will need:

2 ripe bananas; 2 teaspoons of almond oil.

Blend the bananas and then add the almond oil, spreading the mixture on the locks from top to bottom. After a quarter of an hour proceed with the rinsing and with the usual shampoo.

Coconut smoothing mask

A smooth effect obtained naturally is the desire of many: to obtain it, it is possible to use coconut pulp combined with other natural ingredients:

the pulp of half a coconut; a spoonful of oats; a spoonful of cornstarch; half a cup of milk.

Blend together the coconut, oats and milk, adding the mixture obtained to the cornstarch diluted with a little water. The mixture must be applied to the hair by covering the head with a shower cap, or with transparent film. It is possible to wash the hair after leaving the mask in pose about half an hour.

Lemon polishing mask

Lemon juice is a natural polishing liquid, perfect for preparing a mask that gives shine and brightness.

The compress is obtained by mixing:

2 tablespoons of lemon juice; a glass of milk: a spoonful of honey.

All the ingredients must be carefully mixed, then leaving the mixture to rest in the refrigerator so that it reaches the ideal density to be spread on the hair. After leaving the mask in place for about thirty minutes, it is necessary to rinse carefully and proceed with shampoo and set.