Renowned Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves Coca-Cola Reeling With A $4 billion Loss

Cristiano Ronaldo left the world stunned when reports of how a subtle gesture during a press conference caused a great loss for international soft drink manufacturer, Coca-Cola. The company's shares took a sharp dive, in less than one hour after Ronaldo's gesture, leaving them with a whopping $4-billion loss!

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Cristiano Ronaldo is regarded as an icon in the sports industry, but nobody was prepared for how a seemingly small gesture he made during a press conference ahead of Portugal's match against Hungary could cause a sharp downfall for Coca-Cola.

During the meeting, the Portuguese athlete shoved aside two bottles of carbonated drinks from Coca-Cola for a bottle of water. It is almost hard to belive but that small decision he made to drink water instead of the soft drink caused a major loss for Coca-Cola.

According to reports:

"Coca-Cola shares dropped from 56.10 dollars to 55.22 dollars almost immediately after Ronaldo's gesture, meaning the company's value fell from $242 billion to $238 billion."

This steep dip allegedly happened within half an hour!

For avid supporters of Ronaldo, his unabashed disapproval of the soft drink is not big news. The 36-year-old father of four has never hidden his love of healthy eating, even once disclosing that his son only consumes junk food occasionally.

In Ronaldo's very own words:

"Occasionally my son drinks Coca-Cola or Fanta and eats crisps and he knows I don't like that."

Considering the star's heavy duty task as an athlete, this is laudable and may just be what makes him one of the highest-ranking sportsmen in the world. Just one day after causing the crisis on Coca-Cola's stock market, Ronaldo did what he knows best, giving his home country, Portugal a 3-0 win over Hungary!

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