Since recent, many people are taking to the bulletproof diet to lose weight. Its popularity has increased because of its claim to help lose up to a pound each day, without compromising on the energy levels. Read on to know about its effectiveness in losing body weight.

Bulletproof diet was created by Dave Asprey in the year 2014 and this diet emphasizes intake of the high quantity of fats, a moderate amount of proteins, and reduced portions of carbs along with intermittent fasting. While some people talk about its effectiveness in weight loss, others are still skeptical regarding its benefit.

Asprey was himself quite an obese individual in his mid 20’s and he created this plan to allow a hunger-free way to achieve weight loss without losing the work performance. This bulletproof diet is actually a modified form of ketogenic diet. So, for 5 to 6 days of a week, you have to eat keto foods comprising 75% of calories from fats, 20% from proteins, and only 5% from carbs. Rest of the days in the week are carb refeed days where you have to eat about 300g of carbs.

Bulletproof diet is worked around the bulletproof coffee where grass-fed and unsalted butter or medium chain triglycerides oil is added to coffee as a morning beverage to start the day. Asprey claims that this coffee suppresses the hunger for the whole day while boosting energy levels.

However, there are no studies to examine the effect of this diet on individuals for weight loss. Keto diets may be filling and lead to quick weight loss but their effect tends to fade over time as the bulletproof diet does not restrict the calories intake and it becomes difficult for people to sustain eating in a particular way forever.

In this diet, Asprey has categorized foods and cooking methods in a spectrum and encourages consumption of its own branded products.

While there are is no scientific backing to this diet, there are various drawbacks that are associated with it.

Asprey provides quite oversimplified views on nutrition and most of these views are only partially correct. Bulletproof diet may turn out to be quite expensive as it promotes consumption of only organic and grass-fed produce. To follow this diet you will also have to source special bulletproof products that are even more expensive. With terms like “toxic” and guiding to strictly follow this diet, Asprey is certainly not helping the people to build a healthy and happy relationship with the food.