Over the years, we have come across several diets but only a few of them were of actual help to us! Read on to know how good the Yes You Can diet is for weight loss.

Yes You Can diet is one of the new age diets that involves consumption of special supplements and meal replacement shakes. It has been marketed as a revolutionary diet that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle while getting the flexibility to enjoy some of your favorite foods.

Here is an overview of the effectiveness of this diet!

The Yes You Can diet was created by Alejandro Chaban in the year 2012 after he used this weight loss method to shed off 73 kg (160 pounds). It is publicized that the products of his company are “clinically proven” and can be bought only through the company’s website.

This diet involves substituting a meal or two each day with a nutritionally fortified shake along with some daily supplements and refer to the Traffic Light diet eating pattern for snacks and remaining meals.

The meal replacement shakes of this meal are pretty low in calories and high in protein. Every single serving of the meal replacement powder of this diet provides about 200 calories, 15g of carbs, 7g of fats, and 20g of proteins. Overall, this is quite a light meal than the usual daily nutritional intake and may lead to weight loss.

The dietary supplements in this diet may assist in weight loss if taken regularly. The supplements in this diet are associated with a fast metabolism, healthy gut, controlled appetite, and better skin, nails, and hair.

The Traffic Light diet pattern is very closely associated with this diet as it guides to eat nutritionally controlled snacks.

While there are no studies that have been conducted yet on the Yes You Can diet, the research conducted otherwise does associate a calorie deficit diet and limited food intake to weight loss. In fact, some studies demonstrate that meal replacement beverage may be a bit more effective in weight loss than the traditional diet and low-calorie foods.

Following are the benefits of Yes You Can diet.

Convenience. This diet is quite convenient for many as the shakes and supplements in this diet are easy to carry and are portable, especially for people with a very busy life. Only water needs to be added to reconstitute the powders into a drinkable beverage. Nourishes well. The meal replacement shakes in this diet are pretty nutritious as they are fortified with as many as 21 vitamins and minerals.

Following are the downsides of this diet.

Lacks some vital nutrients. It is quite surprising that this diet somehow lacks in 2 of the most important nutrients. i.e., calcium and potassium. A single serving of the replacement powder provides only 8% of the RDI of calcium and 2% of the RDI of potassium. Restrictive. It is a very restrictive diet and it may become difficult for some people to stick to it in the long run. It restricts both the meal quantity and food type for this diet to show effective results. Processed products. The shakes of this diet are highly processed and may not fulfill the desire for some people to have a wholesome and food-based diet.

The credibility of coaches. The role of a coach in this program is very important as they provide one-on-one guidance and support, and earn a profit each time they sell a product to any consumer. So, their credibility is somehow lost as it becomes difficult to access if the coaches are genuinely selling products for its good result or just to earn a profit.