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10 effective celebrity diets

Here are the top 10 diets that famous Hollywood celebs follow to maintain their enviable physique.

By Cookist

Read on to know about the diets that are followed by Hollywood celebrities!

Hollywood practically dictates the fashion scene around the globe. Right from the color, to the accessories, shoes, and even patterns on the fabric, Hollywood celebs greatly influence the way we dress. This leads us to the obsession of the general public with diets of these celebs. Here are the top 10 diets that famous Hollywood celebs follow to maintain their enviable physique.

The clean diet


Gwyneth Paltrow follows a clean program where she detoxes herself for 3 weeks and follows this program for 3-4 times a year. In this program, she eliminates gluten, dairy, sugar, eggs, alcohol, and certain other food allergens and consumes some sort of liquid such as juice, soup, or smoothie for two of her meals.

Paleo diet

Jessica Biel follows this diet to maintain her lean bod and has given up dairy, legumes, and gluten. She instead cooks plenty of fish, chicken, and veggies at her home.

22 days vegan program


Queen Bey and Jay Z created quite a buzz by following this program. Even in normal life, Beyonce eats mostly plant-based food with some occasional serving of fish.

Clean and lean

Recommended by her trainer, supermodel Lara Stone took to this low-carb diet that includes consumption of fresh and unprocessed foods. This program starts by consuming protein-rich foods and veggies for the first 14 days followed by the gradual inclusion of dairy and fruits in regular diet pattern.

Atkins diet


Kim Kardashian ate protein-rich food, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and other foods with healthy fats to lose about 25 kilos in just 11 months.

Alkaline diet

This diet encourages to eat mainly fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and a small portion of wheat, dairy, sugar, coffee, alcohol, meat, and fish. Victoria Beckham exclusively follows this diet and consumes mostly smoked salmon, grilled fish, yellowfin tuna, scrambled eggs, blueberry smoothie, and sushi salad to stay energized, improve memory, and prevent heart-related diseases and cancer.

The Ancient grain diet


Angelina Jolie regularly consumes chia seeds, quinoa, buckwheat, and spelt to maintain her glowing skin and shiny hair.

Vegan meal delivery

Lily Aldridge has subscribed to a gluten-free, organic, and vegan food delivery service that prevents her from eating anything and everything.

The Dukan diet


This diet has been popularized by the Duchess of Cambridge and in the first phase of this diet, one has to eat only protein-rich foods for 2-7 days followed by phase two where vegetables and protein-rich foods are consumed on alternate days. In the third phase, fruits, bread, and cheese are introduced to the diet.

5-factor diet

Megan Fox follows this diet where 5 meals are consumed in a day that is prepared with 5 ingredients per meal and all this has to be followed for 5 weeks. 5 ingredients that can be used are protein, healthy carb, fiber, healthy fats, and a sugar-free beverage.

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