This is an interesting read for all to know about the benefits and harms of eliminating dairy from the diet!

Ever since childhood years, we have been taught to drink at least two glasses of milk every day. While a few can’t commit to this owing to milk intolerance others are switching to a dairy-free diet as a part of a healthier lifestyle, yet there are many who swear by the health benefits of consuming dairy every day. Read on to how exactly our body responds to a non-dairy dietary pattern.

Helps skin. Consumption of dairy strongly affects our skin health as there is an association between the hormones and growth factors present in the milk and our health. So, cutting down dairy could reduce the incidence of acne in many.

Helps in weight loss. Eating low fat version of dairy may leave you hungry pretty often, which makes you eat more food quickly. So, while full fat dairy increases the overall fat content of the diet, a low fat version of dairy is not too great either.

Reduces bloating. Many people complain of bloating after consuming dairy as in some there is a reduced ability of the body to digest dairy properly. Another reason for the same could be an inadequate digestion of proteins by the body, which results in an imbalance of the gut flora leading to an excessive gas formation.

Reduce headaches. Dairy contains a natural compound that is also found in cheese and may trigger a migraine and headache in individuals, who otherwise have adequate vitamin B2 intake.

Less mood swings. You will experience clarity of thought and lesser mood swings after giving up dairy as the hormones present in it increases the overall hormone count of our body.

Feel energized. Dairy practically opiates our body as it helps to calm us down, which means we feel sleepy and lethargic after consuming it.

Inadequate nutritional intake. Dairy offers a huge itinerary of nutrients that are vital for the human body. Giving up dairy means you have to find additional sources or supplements to fill that nutritional gap.

Effects immunity. After cutting out dairy you may feel weak from within and your immunity may go for a toss as you restrict a regular intake of vitamin B12 that has a vital role to maintain our immunity.

Results in constipation. Dairy is high in probiotics and in the absence of dairy products you would have to seek the help of some alternatives to assist in relieving you every morning.

Get withdrawal symptoms. It is wiser to wean off dairy products gradually rather than completely giving up this important food group at once.