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10 weight loss tips that do not involve dieting

Here are 10 ways that guarantee weight loss without having you indulge in any specific diet.

By Cookist

Read on to know about 10 ways in which you can easily lose weight without going on dieting!

There are many fad diets, which may deliver rapid weight loss but leave you hungry and deprived. The main purpose of weight loss is to stay that way and not regain all that flab that you have lost with hard work. Here are 10 ways that guarantee weight loss without having you indulge in any specific diet.

Eat breakfast


Eating healthy breakfast has been associated with weight loss as skipping the first meal of the day results in mindless eating in the latter part of the day.

Stop late-night feasts

Eat frozen yogurt or have a cup of tea in case you are not full even after eating dinner. But, it is important to prevent munching on high calorie processed foods in the middle of the night.

Control liquid calories


It is best to read food labels of packaged beverages to be aware of the calories in each of these food products. Additionally, you must rely on drinking water that contains zero calories to quench your thirst.

Eat fresh

It is best to consume some kind of fresh fruits and vegetables in every meal of the day to nourish your body and control the appetite.

Eat whole grains


Consuming whole grains instead of refined ones is highly recommended for weight loss.

Stock healthy foods

Another great way to control the consumption of unnecessary calories is to surround yourself with healthy and low-calorie food alternatives.

Control portion


Control the portion size of foods you consume by opting for a smaller serving and limiting the food helpings to no more than two.

Walk regularly

Adding more steps to your daily routine is a great way to stay active and burn those stubborn calories.

Eat proteins


Including some sort of protein in every meal ensures a healthy diet and it can also boost metabolism.

Eat light

Pick low-fat, low-sodium, sugar-free, and no trans-fat foods to stay healthy in the long run.

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