Read on to know about popular myths that are associated with weight loss!

When it comes to weight loss, almost everyone has something to tell… even the 5 years old!! And, unfortunately, most of that is trash and not backed by science, following which can misguide you and create weight-loss roadblocks. Here are 4 weight-loss myths that you should be aware of.

All calories are equal

Sadly, not all calories are the same. Sugar calories trigger fat storage and hunger but calories consumed from protein and fat promotes the burning of stored fat cells. So, instead of counting calories, you should be more concerned regarding the type of calories consumed.

Genetics define our health

To a certain extent, weight gain is associated with family history but knowing about the same cautions you to eat healthy so that you have a different future. This means, eating cautiously from the very beginning is a path that only you can choose for yourself.

You can exercise to burn all that you eat

You just can’t exercise for hours and then pig-out on sugary smoothies, muffins, or other supposedly “healthy” snacks. You may face some disappointments in case you seek to lose weight without changing your eating habits as this way exercising may improve your endurance and muscle mass but it will not result in effective weight loss.

Eating fatty food results in obesity

A high-fat diet helps to burn calories without having to exercise. Eating healthy fat boosts metabolism and reduces the inflammation while sugar does just the opposite of this as it slows down your metabolism and increases inflammation in your body.