Read on to know about 10 different diets that seem to have worked on some of the famous personalities.

With the arrival of summers, it is the time to head to the gym and lead a healthier lifestyle to fit into the nice and comfy summer clothes. Here is a list of 10 of the popular diet programs that may work on you as nicely as on the celebs who tried them.

The clean program

 This diet has been tried by Gwyneth Paltrow and it is a 21-day cleansing program that requires the elimination of gluten, sugar, eggs, dairy, alcohol, and any other food allergens. In this diet, you will have to consume 2 liquid meals (soup, juice, or smoothie) and one meal can be solid food.


Jessica Biel followed this diet to attain a slim physique. In this diet, you have to strictly eliminate dairy, grain, and legumes.

22 days vegan

Beyonce and Jay-Z follow this diet to trim down and attain a healthy and fit body. This diet recommends eating mostly plant-based food with a little bit of fish sometimes.

Clean and lean

Lara Stone followed this diet, which recommends consuming low carb, fresh, and unprocessed foods. In the initial days, one is required to eat a high protein diet, and fruits and little dairy is gradually incorporated after 2 weeks.


Kim Kardashian followed this diet, which comprises mainly of protein-rich foods, healthy fats, fresh fruits, vegetables, and cheese while eliminating carbs completely.

Alkaline diet

Victoria Beckham loves to follow this diet, which includes 80% of her meal from alkaline food sources such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts and the remaining 20% from acidic sources such as dairy, wheat, sugar, coffee, fish, meat, and alcohol.

The ancient grains diet

Angelina Jolie follows this diet and regularly includes ancient grains such as millet, quinoa, spelt, chia, and buckwheat to her diet.


Lily Aldridge follows an organic, vegan, and gluten-free diet to maintain her physique.

The Dukan diet

Kate Middleton followed this very special diet in which proteins are limited during the initial days and then this nutrient is added to the eating pattern on an alternate day basis.

5-factor diet

Megan Fox took to this diet, which includes eating 5 meals every day that are prepared using only 5 ingredients per meal.