Here are 10 diets that celebs followed through the years to attain that enviable figure!

From vegan to macrobiotic to eating everything weird, celebs do all that we can imagine (and sometimes even things that we can’t) to look the way are! Here is a piece of information regarding the diets famous Hollywood celebs followed.


The Queen B has gone vegan with her hubby Jay-Z as she is following the 22-day plant challenge, without compromising on the quality of the meals she is served as she continues to eat “all things decadent” within the frame of this diet pattern. Apart from that, Beyonce has also undergone the Master Cleanse in which she was only on liquids.

Marilyn Monroe

She had eggnog (2 raw eggs whipped in milk) for breakfast, skipped lunch, followed by eating broiled meat (steak, liver, or lamb) and lamb for dinner, and finished off her day with a mouthwatering hot fudge for dessert.

Elizabeth Taylor

She followed some of her own crazy recipes to maintain that figure, such as cottage cheese with sour cream and fruit, peanut butter and steak sandwich, and once she ate a whole pizza followed by hot fudge for dessert.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

She practically went on a cabbage soup diet to which she would sometimes add vegetables, yogurt and milk, fruit, lean meat, and brown rice.

Kate Middleton

She followed The Dukan diet that starts off with protein and vegetables and then digresses into different phases week by week, depending upon how much weight one wants to lose.

Lady Gaga

She has followed the baby food diet in which the first 2 meals of the day are baby food followed by a calorie restricted dinner. Not only her, other famous celebs, which includes Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Gwyneth Paltrow have also followed this diet pattern.


She follows the strict macrobiotic diet, which eliminates eggs, wheat, dairy, and meat from her diet. So, she is practically living off the sea vegetables.

Gwyneth Paltrow

She has eliminated red meat, bread, eggplants, tomatoes, and cow’s milk from her diet. After sipping on green juice in the morning, she continues with the gluten-free and slightly vegan diet for rest of the day.

Megan Fox

 She takes shots of apple cider vinegar to get rid of her water weight and follows the 5-Factor Diet, which encourages eating meals prepared with 5 ingredients and within 5 minutes.

Victoria Beckham

She follows the alkaline diet and consumes more vegetables but less proteins and grains.