Read on to know which is the diet currently followed by Vanessa Hudgens that is helping her to stay in shape.

Vanessa Hudgens is undoubtedly one of the trendiest celebrities around, which is also reflected in her personality and lifestyle. In a recent interview, she reported that these days she is following the two trendiest diets of our times, namely keto and intermittent fasting.

This unique way of eating is clearly visible on her face as she seems to be aging backward. You will be shocked to know that she is very fond of pizza, pasta, and other carbs, deprivation of which makes her cringe many times over. However, to maintain that fit bod and flawless skin she goes into intermittent fasting and eats only 6 hours a day from noon till 6 pm and fasts for the remaining 18 hours.


She also admitted that it is undoubtedly very difficult for her to follow this diet, particularly during the first 2 weeks, after which she kinds of settles in the routine. As eating for 6 hours every day can be quiet difficult to stick to, she switches to keto diet sometimes for a change. For this, she eats a lot of healthy fat and almond butter, which keeps her energetic all the time.