Do you want to take care of your health through a specific diet? You would do better to follow an anti-inflammatory diet: this is why it would be able to reduce the risk of mortality.

Those who want to take care of their body know well that they must follow a healthy diet, eliminating junk food and all that could make you heavy and in the long run put your health at risk. Nobody, however, would have ever imagined that a specific diet would have turned out to be a real "elixir of long life". According to a recent study, in fact, it is necessary to eat anti-inflammatory foods to reduce the risk of mortality: here are the reasons.

Anti-inflammatory diet: foods to eat and to avoid

According to a research conducted at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, the secret to living longer would be to follow an anti-inflammatory diet. What is it about? You just have to eat fruits and vegetables in abundance, since they are foods rich in antioxidants, and then also fresh cheeses, wholemeal bread, cereals, nuts and dark chocolate. As for the condiments, you can use extra-virgin olive oil or alternatively rapeseed oil, while for drinks you just need to drink water, tea, coffee, juices, red wine and a little beer. The research involved 69,273 Swedish men and women between 45-years-old and 83-years-old, whose eating habits were kept under control for a long period of time.

The results showed that those who had followed an anti-inflammatory diet had reduced the risk of mortality by 18% and the possibility of developing a cardiovascular disease by 20%. "Even if only partially following this type of diet, it is still possible to obtain some benefits for yours health", said Joanna Kaluza, one of the authors of the study. Are there some foods absolutely prohibited? Processed and unprocessed red meat, chips and soft drinks, which would do nothing but feed the inflammation, endangering your health.