This will certainly sound like a dream diet that we all have been eagerly waiting for! Here is a list of the unexpected health benefits of the anti-inflammatory diet that includes everything delicious from the chocolate, red wine, and coffee, apart from the regular healthy-diet favorite fruits and vegetables!

For centuries, we have been made to believe that eating caffeinated foods is forbidden and bad for our health. However, thanks to the field of food science and research a dream diet by the name of anti-inflammatory diet has been found. This diet includes many food items that we always wanted to be a part of our regular diets such as chocolates, coffee, low fat cheese, red wine, and beer. According to the anti-inflammatory diet, people who follow this diet pattern along with its other food guidelines are more likely to live a healthy and long life.

It lenghtens life

This diet was studied by a group of scientists and their findings were published in the Journal of Internal Medicine. The researchers studied a group of 68000 Swedish men and women between the age group of 45 to 83 years and found that the people who consumed a diet comprising of anti-inflammatory foods such as fruits, vegetables, olive oil, canola oil, chocolate, nuts, tea, coffee, breakfast cereal, whole grain bread, low fat cheese, and moderate amount of beer and red wine were 18% less likely to die early.

It lowers cardiovascular problems and cancer risk

They also found that participants who followed this diet regularly had a 20% less chance of dying from cardiovascular problems and 13% less chance of dying from any kind of cancer. This diet was also beneficial for people who smoked regularly as the same diet inferred to offer greater benefits to smokers.

It combats the damage of harmful diseases

This diet works on the philosophy or idea that inflammation may be an after effect of many harmful diseases including cancer, cardiovascular problems, and dementia. So, by countering this inflammation, these foods rich in the anti-inflammatory components help to combat the damage occurring in our body. In fact, individuals are known to benefit themselves even if they are able to partially adhere to this diet.

It lowers the risk of heart disease

It is already known in one of the earlier studies published this year that consuming three bars of dark chocolate in a month can significantly lower the risk of heart disease. In another study, coffee consumption is connected to longevity and better health. As for alcohol, if consumed in moderation some studies have also associated it with a longer life.

However, it is more important to focus on this diet as a whole and not just pick on the foods that you prefer to eat.