Keto diet can really change the way you look and sooner than you’ll expect, only if it is followed diligently. Read on to know the reasons behind a non-effective keto diet!

Keto diet has been the trend for the past couple of years! It has been deemed to quickly reflect changes in the body weight. However, there may be chances that you might not shed those extra pounds as quickly as you’d expect to. Read on to know about the reasons behind it.

Eating too much. A typical keto meal plan is quite filling as it comprises of a very high fat percentage, which makes it very satiating. However, it is still highly recommended that one must stick to the meal plan given by an expert and not over indulge in the high fat foods, else the nutritional goals will not be met. Even consuming too many keto snacks, which may contain artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, raise the blood sugar similar to table sugar.

Eating high protein. Eating a high quantity of protein will not result in ketosis as then the body will be able to convert proteins to glucose.

Eating high carbs. You may be unconsciously loading your body with a high amount of carbs. So, try to pick the keto appropriate whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. There are plenty of carbs hiding in many vegetables as well, for example, broccoli.


Quality of food. You may find a lot of food products, especially in the processed food section that can easily meet the macronutrient intake but fail to meet the micronutrient intake recommended for a day. In short, be mindful of the overall calorie intake, as recommended by the nutrition expert.

Certain health issues. Health issues such as thyroid disease and polycyclic ovarian syndrome may deter your ability to lose body weight.

Stress and irregular sleep. To achieve the desired results, it is very important to keep a check on three vital components: diet, physical activity, and stress. Having a stress-free life not only includes mental relaxation and peace of mind but also to have an adequate sleep.

Too many cheat meals. The ketogenic diet needs a strict adherence to keto-friendly foods so that the body attains the fat burning state or ketosis at the earliest. Eating too much of pasta and starchy preparations will load your body with too many calories and ketosis will not be achieved.