In one of the most disturbing incidents for food lovers in recent times, a woman found a cockroach in the wrap she bought from the fast food giant, KFC. Here are the details regarding this incident.

Sometimes trust is easily broken, particularly when it comes to food. Fast food chains sell out the most unhealthy meals day in and day out. Still, there is no dearth of people who happily shell out money to buy the greasy and processed meals from them, only because their customers trust that they are getting at least “clean and hygienic meals”.

However, in one of the recent incidents, the trust of Bjourdashe Alio Henry, 25, was shaken when she bought her meal from the KFC outlet at the White Lion Retail Park, Dunstable. As she was hungry in the noon time, she was tempted to pick the Zinger burrito wrap. Just when she was about to bite in to it, she found the most disgusting ingredient ever lying right there in her food, a cockroach!

She saw a really dark thing inside the lettuce and when she pulled it apart she was shocked to find a cockroach inside. It really disgusted her and she was about to throw up the minute she realized what actually happened.

When she confronted the staff of the food outlet regarding this matter, they neither acknowledged that gross thing as a cockroach and nor were they able to confirm what it actually was. To worsen the situation, the staff instead gave her a refund voucher of 6 pounds. However, she held on to the infested burrito and sent an online complaint to KFC regarding this matter to which the food chain is yet to officially reply.

It is only fair to remind to this popular fast food chain that cockroaches carry bacteria, which are very harmful to humans. Cockroaches are a threat to humans as their waste and saliva can trigger many forms of health problems such as food poisoning and infection.

Ideally, KFC should acknowledge the matter but instead, they prefer to throw blinders over the whole thing and claim that they have a strict food quality and safety procedures in place.

However, when a UK online news portal reached up to the KFC spokesperson regarding this matter, they chose to apologize for Bjourdashe’s unfateful experience and also offered her another meal at the outlet. Still, it is nice for them to kind of accept the mishap. The spokesperson, in addition, says that since they are dealing with fresh and natural products, there is a likelihood of similar unfortunate incidents to happen in the future.