It is an account of a woman who faced an unprecedented situation that led her in to a near death experience. According to a popular YouTuber, a 39-year-old woman tried out a fad diet that led to a cardiac arrest and severe nerve damage. Read on to know more about this shocking incident.

Cleanse diets are not new to people aspiring for a healthy lifestyle. Many might have tried and a few might be contemplating to try on the cleanse diet, which lures with the promise to offer quick and drastic health benefits with little efforts. However, beware of trying out anything which is not scientifically based and has proper credentials as it may turn out life-threatening as well.

For example, on 3rd of December, a medical professor at the University of Illinois shared an account of a woman who is in a critical state after drinking almost a liter of soy sauce within 2 hours. The woman was trying out this soy sauce cleanse diet to remove toxins from her body and instead she went in to a cardiac arrest and irreparable nerve damage.

This happened because of consuming too much sodium present in the soy sauce. The woman experienced a neurological disorder known as central pontine myelinolysis that occurs when too much sodium present in the body pulls out water present in the brain cells and cause damage to nerves. In severe conditions, the person could also get paralyzed, go in to a coma, or eventually die.

It is indeed a shocking event and a massive learning for the blind followers of the trendy cleanse diet, which are seldom based on scientific reasoning and are completely unsafe. Many healthcare experts believe that cleanse diets are not sustainable for a long-term and are too good to be true as these fad diets typically do not cater to the adequate nutritional requirement of an individual.

We must rather depend upon our body, which is the most fascinating creation of nature, to cleanse itself. Our body has a natural detoxification system where the vital organs, kidney and liver actively remove toxins from it. You may speed up the detoxification process by drinking plenty of water (about 10 glasses a day) and consuming plenty of fiber (about 25 to 30 g a day) to assist in this natural process.

So, enjoy plenty of fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables to cater to your nutritional requirements and stay healthy.