A frequently asked question when it comes to kitchen DIYs is about removing odors from plastic containers. And admittedly so, because there is nothing more petrifying than having your doughnuts stink of garlic — thanks to your tupperware!

Fortunately, numerous everyday household items can help you avoid this. Some of them are:

1. Coffee

Pour some dry or wet grounds into the container, keep it tightly lidded, and wait until the offending odor is eliminated. The pro is that the coffee does dispel the smell, while the one con of this method is that the coffee's smell may also linger.

2. Vinegar


Pour white vinegar into your plastic container and let it sit for at least three minutes. Then, wash and rinse the dish with water.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is the hallmarked item for cleaning hacks, so it isn't surprising to find that it can also help dispel tough food odors from tupperware. All you have to do is sprinkle some into the container and add water to form a paste. Rub it into the container, wait a couple of days, and wash.

4. Lemon

Simply use a cut lemon to scrub the inside of the tupperware or rinse it in lemon juice. This will leave the container smelling citrusy, which, you'd agree, is far more appealing!

5. Newspaper

Place a crumpled piece of newspaper in your washed and dried container, attach the lid, and let it sit at least overnight.

6. Charcoal

Place a piece of charcoal in the container and keep it closed. Check on it constantly until the odors have disappeared.

7. Salt

Experts advise dropping a pinch of salt in your lidded tupperware before keeping it away to help absorb lingering food odors. Just don't forget to rinse before use!

A final tip is to let your tupperware sit out in the sunshine and let it work its wonders, dispelling the tough food odors.