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This Trick Gets Rid Of Runny Frosting In 1 Simple Step

There are many times when frosting recipes don’t work out as you imagined even though you followed the rules. If you’ve ended up with runny frosting, here’s a simple trick that can help you rectify it — you only need one special ingredient!

By Cookist

Pastry Chefs have various tricks to fix icing that has become runny. Some give the icing time to rest, leave it in the fridge for some time, or if they’re in a rush, add powdered sugar. Unfortunately sometimes, making frosting sweeter is a big no. In such cases, there is an ingredient that can correct the texture without sweetening the frosting.

Introducing Cornstarch


Yes, adding cornstarch to your frosting can fix the texture without making it sweeter.

Some reports suggest that adding a bit of starch created from cornstarch, tapioca, or arrowroot, is one of the easiest ways to make runny frosting thicker.

You can grind two teaspoons down with a food processor until it is extra fine after which you can slowly add it to the frosting until it achieves the texture you desire. It is advisable to sift the cornstarch as you’re blending it into the icing.

This will prevent any stray lump from messing up the frosting. Cornstarch is a good way to thicken icing because it effectively prevents sugar from clumping.

It is believed that cornstarch makes the icing better equipped to absorb liquids, especially the ones that make your icing runny. Cornstarch can also make a buttercream more stable especially if the decorated cake is supposed to be served on a warmer day.

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