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Skittles Releases New Ice Cream Bars With Unique Sour Skittles Flavour

The reputable confectionery brand launched their new skittles-infused ice cream bars in February. However, the product's release came with a new surprise flavor that is a great deviation from the typically sweet ice cream flavors. It is very tangy and sour! While it is not everyone that likes the new taste, a significant number think it is an exciting change.

By Cookist

The new product is called the Crazy Sour Skittles Coolers, a hybrid result of ice cream and candy. Although it has been released since February, very little has been heard of this new product.

However, there is no denying that it is a unique one that may be the index figure amongst many other such hybrid products to come.

The new treat is the latest in the confectionery's widely popular ice cream bars. However, its "crazy" sour flavor, which it owes to sour candy, is an unexpected twist.

It is created by dipping a fruit-flavored, Skittles-infused ice cream bar in a "sour fruit sorbet." Although a bit unusual, the result has garnered attention on social media thanks to foodies and supermarkets.

Via their official Instagram page, a food-centered page, @newfoodsuk, shared news of discovering the unique product at an Iceland Foods supermarket.

They captioned pictures candy the ice cream bars writing:

"New!! Crazy Sours @skittles Ice Cream sticks now at @icelandfoods £1.50? These are very sour! So if you like sour stuff, you will love these??"

The response to the post is mixed with a noticeable number voicing that the product is weird while a larger number were excited at the thought of eating one of the bars.

For us, the only downside to the new skittles-infused product is that it is only available in the United Kingdom!

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