It is not new to find unique food inventions on the internet, but one look at the mayonnaise slices, and you'd agree that Japan is indeed fast-paced when it comes to the advent of technology.

A mayonnaise slice is just typical mayo only that it comes in thinly wrapped slices like some kinds of cheeses are packaged. Unlike cheese, however, this mayo slices shouldn't be chowed on, right off the counter.

The brain behind this unique creation, a Japanese company, called The Bourbon Company, has publicly advised that consumers make sure to heat the slices before eating. So when you are especially using them in the preparation of sandwiches, make sure to heat them – with or without the bread.

If the slices are for use in dishes that will be heated like pastries and casseroles, all you have to do is place them on the food and cook them together.  Sounds pretty easy, right!?

What makes the mayonnaise slices even more unique is that they come in two aromatic flavors: the tuna and spicy fish flavors!

If you love mayo and don't mind the fishy flavors, you should try getting a taste of these new inventions! They are set for release in Japan early March but may still be unavailable in other countries.

Whether it is for the fun of it or because you love the sound of these mayo slices, would you try them!?

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