Scented candles are as old as the hills, yet they never go out of vogue! This is explainable by the most important reasons for their creation – their fragrant scents are therapeutic and also help to neutralize offensive odours about home, offices, etc.

Scented candles are indeed priceless and have evolved to become widely used all over the world. So, what happens when a fast-food chain decides to make some that smell like food?

News of McDonald's launching burger-scented candles has created a buzz on the internet as many speculate that it may be a ploy of sorts to boost sales.

Alyx Gorman of The Guardian also shares that the new merchandise may have been inspired by the amount of attention that food-scented candles (like one created by KFC in 2016) have amassed in recent years.

There is also the argument that even if accepted, these burger-scented candles, which would undoubtedly leave a room permeated with the signature smell of yummy meats, ketchup and cheese, may only cater to the non-vegetarian fraction.

This is where you give credit to the brain behind this plan because McDonald's have marketed merch options that feature the onion, pickle and burger bun aromas!


While the debate surrounding the reason for this new creation remains seemingly unending, McDonald's should indeed receive praise.

If accepted, their support of food-scented candles may cause other food companies to take up the innovative move thus, marking the beginning of a new generation of these products!