The Finns have come up with a clever way to dry your dishes and save space in a small kitchen. The invention is called the near-unpronounceable astiankuivauskaappi, but we will know it best as a type of dish draining rack.

It’s pretty brilliant how it works. It stores your dishes on a high rack while allowing them to drip dry over your sink. Your dishes are suspended above the sink and drainer, and you can still get in to use the sink and taps without the drainer getting in the way.

If you wish you had a dishwasher, but just don’t have the space, here’s a few reasons why hand-washing dishes is actually good for you!

1. Lowers Stress

A recent study by Florida State University found that washing dishes by hand is linked to mindfulness. The activity of washing dishes takes just enough focus to keep you paying attention to the here and now, and this can lead to reduced stress levels and even immune system boosts.

2. Less Allergies

In 2015, the Pediatrics journal published a preliminary study that says our immune systems can benefit from getting a bit dirty from time to time.

They came up with the “hygiene hypothesis”, that says children nowadays have more allergies because of our obsession with getting rid of germs and making our environments too clean. Time magazine reported that the researchers found that those children in homes where the dishes were hand-washed were less likely to have allergies.

3. Relaxation

I’m not too sure I buy this one, but psychologist Dr. Aric Sigman found that doing dishes can have a similar effect as visiting a spa! Apparently the soothing warmth of the suds in the sink creates a relaxed mood, while completing the task produces a sense of wellbeing.

4. Better for Your Delicate Dishes

Even if you have a dishwasher, it’s still best to wash special and delicate dishes by hand. If you have your grandma’s fancy china, the last thing you want is for it to crack, chip or break in the dishwasher.

5. Teaches Your Kids Life Skills

Getting your kids to learn to hand-wash dishes is a great skill, and you’ll be doing them a big favor for later in life. They may end up living somewhere that doesn’t have a dishwasher, and if they’ve never learned how to hand-wash dishes, they’ll struggle.

It also helps kids to learn that putting effort in pays off, and they will get the satisfaction of the sparkling clean dishes at the end.