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Space Saving Tips for Super Small Kitchens

Tiny apartments have become all the rage these days. Partly because the minimalist life is seen as a way to bring more happiness and joy, but also because it’s cheaper than maintaining a large home. Unfortunately, with a tiny home comes a tiny kitchen. And for those who love to cook, that can be more of a challenge than anything else. But don’t panic! We have a few creative tips to help you make the most of your small space!

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While we will all agree that a big kitchen is amazing to cook in, we know it’s not always possible. Most of us have to do with less cupboards, limited counter space, and overfilled drawers. But don’t worry. If you have a cramped kitchen, we have just the tips you need!

Don’t stockpile


If you have a massive pantry, then by all means stock away. But if you have limited space in your cupboard, then make sure to check what you have before you go to the store. In this way, you won’t buy duplicates of certain items, keeping the little space you have only for the items you will use within a week or two.

One-dish meals are your new best friend

It goes without saying that one-dish meals (one-pot, one-skillet, one-pan, etc.) are so much easier to make if you’re low on space. Having three different pots of food going at the same time just doesn’t work in a small kitchen. Fortunately, there’s no shortage on recipes for these easy one-dish meals. Whether it’s a pasta, casserole, or even a stew, most meals can be modified and made in one pot or pan.

Be a minimalist


When it comes to kitchen utensils, minimalism is the way to go. Sort through your drawer and ask yourself whether you really need a separate slice for avocados, eggs, or bananas. Most of the time, a good quality chef’s knife can do the same job – plus many more. Single use tools use up way too much space, so select a few multipurpose utensils and donate the rest to charity.

Cook smart

Mise en place is not just for professional chefs. By chopping and measuring all your ingredients beforehand, you will have space to do the rest of the cooking. Remember to clean as you go. While you’re waiting for a pot to boil, rinse a few items. Wipe messes immediately and put away ingredients when you’re finished using them.

Think outside the [kitchen] box


If you have a small kitchen, chances are that you don’t have an official pantry. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own. If you have a spare room in the home with extra cupboard space, utilize it for pantry staples. In that way, you can clear up kitchen space for items you use on a daily basis.

Getting creative with storage

If you don’t use your oven regularly, use it to store items. It’s the perfect place to stash away all your baking tins and muffin pans! Use the insides of cabinet doors to hang small items like measuring cups and spoons. Instead of storing your knives in a drawer, use a magnetic wall strip. This will make them easily accessible, and will clear up extra space in your drawers.

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