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Start Freezing Every Citrus Peel That Makes Its Way Into Your Home!

Citrus fruits are undisputedly havens of flavor and are especially popular because there are tons of ways to include them in recipes. As many have come to find, juicing citrus fruit is not the only way you can enjoy them. You can zest them too! And my oh my, the amazing qualities these add to any recipe. What most people don't seem to think of is keeping some citrus peels on hand!

By Cookist

Citrus fruits are known for their amazing, and sometimes rather pungent flavors. A little zest from citrus peels will work magic in your meals; you are sure to get addicted to that zinging flavor soon enough and you'll be looking for ways to save your citrus peels.

You're in the right place because we have done all the work for you. From thorough research, freezing your citrus peels is your best bet at keeping them fresh and always having them on hand! All you have to do is:

Use a vegetable peeler to peel the citrus fruit. Don't press too hard while peeling, to avoid taking too much of the bitter white pith along with the peels.


Store the peels in a tightly-sealed container and place them in the freezer! Voila, you'll always have fresh citrus peels when you need them.

If you are new to using citrus peels to spruce up your meals, we have outlined five (5) special ways you can do so below.

1. Give your tomato base a tasty zing using citrus zests.

Remove the frozen peels from the freezer, slice them thinly lengthwise, and then chop them across into a small mince. Pour these into the tomato base for your sandwich, pasta, or even pizza, for that flavorful zing that citrus zests are known for.

2. Make your own delicious seltzer using citrus zest

Give your drinking water an edge by adding frozen citrus zest. Simply throw in two or three pieces from your frozen stash and then carbonate it. You can even play with the flavors by adding zests from different citrus fruits for a unique taste — You'll never want to buy store-bought seltzer again!


3. Baked Treats

Citrus zests make exciting flavors when added to baked treats e.g. cakes, muffins, cookies, and pies. You can choose to add the zest while making the batter or use it as a topping instead. Either way, it will surely win compliments!

4. You can use citrus zests to make savory toppings too!

Beyond adding them to sweet treats, you can add citrus zests to make delicious toppings like gremolata: an Italian mix of parsley, lemon zest, and garlic.


5. Give your cocktails an extra edge using citrus zests

Do you love cocktails? Then you should add a piece of citrus peel to make the perfect garnish for your drinks. As the frozen peel gently thaws, it adds its fragrant oils into the mix making the experience one to never forget!

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