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Get The Best From Your Citrus Peels. Here Are 6 Creative Ways To Re-Use Them

Have you been throwing out your citrus peels? Stop! You may not know it yet, but there are many ways to repurpose them. No matter what citrus fruit you have, there are many DIY hacks contained in this article, so you are sure to find one that interests you. From creating unique candles to using them as a hack for dispelling bad odors, you will find that these uses are ingenious!

By Cookist

In this article, Citrus peels are not limited to oranges and lemons, although they will be considered the primary ingredients for every mention on this compilation list. So, if what you have is different, go ahead and use it! Remember to enjoy the process!

1. DIY Garbage Disposal Freshener Pods


Our first mention is using leftover citrus peels to rid your garbage bin of the terrible odors of rot. The citrus peels will be required to make pods of fragrant fresheners that will rapidly work to keep your garbage disposal smelling nice always.

All you need are pantry staples: 1 cup of baking soda, ½ cup iodized salt, one tablespoon lemon zest, four tablespoon lemon juice.

To prepare:

  • Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them to get a very thick consistency. This facilitates molding later on. Add more lemon juice if needed.
  • Pour the mixture into any mold of your choice.
  • Let it dry for 24 hours. You can store the pods in a dry container.

Voila! Your very own freshener pods are ready for use. To use, drop one pod in the disposal and turn on the water!

2. Lemon Olive Oil


Give your olive oil a tang of sweetness and citrus flavor by infusing the essence of citrus peels into it. You’ll need 4-6 lemons and 2 cups of olive oil.

To prepare:

  • Peel the lemons while avoiding the white pith. It makes the oil bitter.
  • Pour the olive oil into a pot then stir in the peels.
  • Let this simmer over very low heat for 15-20 minutes.
  • Strain the peels from the oil.

Transfer the infused oil to a tightly sealed container.
You can use this oil as an all-purpose cleaner in your kitchen. We recommend storing it in the fridge so that it keeps for long; at any sign of spoilage, discard it.

3. Give Your Cocktails An Edge With Orange Peels


Rinse the peels and twist them before dropping them into the drink. This adds delicate citrus notes that will enhance the taste and afford your optimum enjoyment.

4. Zest Citrus Peels Over Food To Enhance Flavors


Zest an orange or lemon peel over desserts like ice cream, chocolate drinks, and many others to add the rich citrus taste. You can also enhance the flavors of your salad by zesting lemon peels just before serving it.

Experiment with several foods!

5. Grapefruit Scouring Scrub


The acid contained in the peels of grapefruits can ease scrubbing dirt off your pots and pans – and leave a sweet smell afterward! You’ll need peels from 3 grapefruits, ½ cup baking soda, and ½ cup coarse salt.

To prepare the scrub:

  • Grind the grapefruit peels into powder using a blender.
  • Combine the powder with the other ingredients in a bowl.
  • To store, pour the mixture into a closed container.

6. Citrus-smelling candles


Last but not least is sweet-smelling candles that will surely make your home more inviting. You need: any citrus fruit, oil, and lighter.


  • Halve the fruit;
  • Spoon out the juice; keep the center stem intact to act as a wick.
  • Pour in a few tablespoons of oil, coating the center stem.
  • Light the stem.
  • The flame may initially go out, but will gradually grow once the stem develops a layer of char.
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