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Stranger Wins Hearts By Paying For Woman’s Aldi Shopping After Noticing Her Upset

A woman had finished her shopping at an Aldi store in Merseyside, only to reach the cash register and discover that she didn't have her purse with her. Amidst the agitation, she had one of the most heartwarming experiences ever when a stranger walked up to pay for all of the items in her cart kindly!

By Cookist

The humble stranger became the recipient of numerous compliments and admiration after the story of his kindhearted action hit the internet.

The stranger was at the Aldi in Wirral, Merseyside, on a queue at the cash register when he noticed a woman gradually grow agitated as she rummaged through her belongings.

The woman had only just discovered that she didn't have enough money to pay for the groceries she had in her cart. She couldn't even find her purse at all! Now, she was torn between returning the groceries and thinking of ways to get enough money to pay for them.

Her anxiety became evident to the other shoppers, especially the kind man who eventually walked up to lend her a helping hand.


According to an eyewitness, the stranger approached the woman, asking her just how much she needed to pay for the items, which may have heightened her agitation.

Upon noticing this subtle reaction, the man offered to pay for the groceries. A witness said:

"He insisted because he could see she was getting agitated. After he paid he just went off on his way and she kept saying ‘what a kind man, what a kind man.'"

The kind stranger has now been identified as Mark Scoullier and is celebrated because of his priceless act. If nothing else, it is stories like this that remind us that even amidst the many sordid tales of crimes, humanity is still worth celebrating.

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